This year, Drive Vintage had the privilege of participating in The ICE, a remarkable automotive event held on the frozen lake of St. Moritz. The ICE is no ordinary car gathering; it's a prestigious concours d'élégance, and in 2023, Drive Vintage played a unique role by escorting one of our esteemed clients to the event, allowing them to showcase their prized possession, a 1959 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta TDF. The event spans two exciting days, with the first day dedicated to static displays on the frozen lake, where the cars are meticulously arranged for both the public and judges to admire. On the second day, Saturday, the action shifts to the ice circuit, resembling a grandiose ice-bound racetrack, where all the participating cars have the chance to roar their engines and captivate the audience.

At Drive Vintage, we understand the passion that drives classic car enthusiasts. Our commitment to preserving automotive heritage extends beyond our showroom, and this year, we had the privilege of escorting one of our cherished clients and their iconic 1959 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta TDF to The ICE. This magnificent Ferrari, a true masterpiece of design and engineering, represents the epitome of vintage Italian sports cars.

Its timeless elegance and racing pedigree make it a natural fit for The ICE, where automotive artistry takes center stage.

The ICE kicks off with a flourish as the cars participating in this elegant competition are artfully displayed on the frozen expanse of St. Moritz’s lake. Day 1 is all about showcasing the static beauty of these classic automobiles. Each vehicle is positioned with precision, allowing enthusiasts, judges, and onlookers to admire every detail.

It’s a day of visual delight, where classic cars become veritable works of art, set against the stunning backdrop of the icy lake.

The excitement reaches its peak on Day 2 as the cars transition from static displays to dynamic action on the specially designed ice circuit. The track, reminiscent of an ice-bound racetrack, offers participants the thrilling opportunity to let their engines roar and demonstrate their performance capabilities. It’s a spectacle that brings the true essence of these classic cars to life, and Drive Vintage is thrilled to be part of this exhilarating experience.

Drive Vintage’s participation in The ICE 2023 at St. Moritz was a testament to our commitment to the world of classic cars. We not only curate a stunning collection of vintage automobiles but also take pride in escorting our clients and their prized possessions to prestigious events like The ICE. The combination of static elegance and dynamic action on the frozen lake creates a memorable experience that celebrates the timeless beauty and power of classic cars.

As we look forward to future automotive adventures, we remain dedicated to preserving and celebrating the heritage of these automotive treasures.

In addition to showcasing historic Lancia rally cars, the event also featured modern reinterpretations of these classics. The Lancia Delta Futurista “Martini 7,” produced by Automobili Amos, was one of the standout attractions. It is a remarkable modern restoration that expertly blends the timeless charm of the Delta with contemporary technological and performance enhancements.

This car pays homage to the Martini Racing legacy and embodies the successful fusion of classic style and cutting-edge engineering.

Another star of the event was the Kimera “Gioia,” the fifth car produced by Kimera, sporting a spectacular “Yellow Juniper” finish. This unique creation added a touch of freshness and color to the event. With its striking design and vibrant yellow hue, the Kimera “Gioia” captivated classic car enthusiasts and brought a sense of joy to the vintage car scene.

Passione Engadina 2023 provided Drive Vintage with the opportunity to celebrate Lancia’s captivating legacy in the world of motorsport. Lancia’s iconic rally cars continue to captivate enthusiasts, while modern reinterpretations and technological marvels like the Kimera Evo 37 remind us that innovation and tradition can harmoniously coexist in the automotive world.

This event reaffirmed that the passion for vintage cars remains as vibrant as ever, inspiring creativity and admiration in the automotive community.