Drive Vintage goes beyond being just a garage; we offer an extensive array of classic car services designed to cater to the needs and desires of both seasoned collectors and newcomers to the world of vintage automobiles.

Our primary aim is to liberate classic car owners from the constraints they may face, allowing them to fully savor every cherished moment with their beloved vehicles.


Drive Vintage - Jeremy



It was his innate sense of service and a meeting with a passionate collector that led Jeremy to become co-founder of Drive Vintage in 2015. A qualified mountain guide in Chamonix, he now thrives in the field of car concierge services. His in-depth knowledge of classic cars and the extensive network he has developed in this field enable him to anticipate our customers’ expectations and meet all their requests with discretion and professionalism. It’s the little details that make all the difference, and make him a trusted partner who can make life easier for any enthusiast or owner of a beautiful classic or new car.

Drive Vintage - Jonathan



Graduated engineer, Jonathan joined Drive Vintage on 1 September 2021 to support its growth. He is responsible for the many operational aspects of managing a collection. Always attentive to customers’ needs, he ensures a high standard of service that meets collectors’ requirements.

Drive Vintage - Arnaud



Arnaud, who holds a CFC in media design, has been part of the team since spring 2022 and focuses primarily on the visual enhancement of Drive Vintage. His creativity and eye for detail help to promote our company’s brand image. Our customers also benefit directly from this expertise, as they receive a full dossier on the car when they buy it.


Drive Vintage is particularly keen to maintain its vehicles well, to preserve their history and keep them in the same shape as on the first day. Each car must be checked and monitored by professionals certified by the brands, and all work must be recorded.

Thanks to our partners and our rigorous work, the maintenance of your Classic Car becomes a joy for Drive Vintage.



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