Swiss Tour

Swiss Tour


Participating in the Swiss Tour 2023 was a truly unforgettable experience for Drive Vintage. We were thrilled to be a part of this prestigious automotive event, celebrating the world of classic cars and the automotive passion enthusiasts share. Our team took meticulous care to ensure that everything ran smoothly for our clients who entrusted us with their remarkable automobiles. At Drive Vintage, we specialize in managing classic and exotic car collections, and the Swiss Tour was the perfect opportunity to showcase our expertise and commitment in the world of automotive excellence and the automotive passion collectors hold for their prized vehicles.For the Swiss Tour 2023, we were responsible for overseeing three magnificent vehicles: the Kimera EV037 - "Authentic Evolution," the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm, and the Ferrari F12 TDF. These cars are not only stunning in their own right, but they also represent the epitome of automotive engineering and design, each with its unique charm and charisma, further fueling the automotive passion aficionados have for these timeless classics.

Our primary goal was to ensure that the owners of these exceptional vehicles could participate in the Swiss Tour without worrying about logistics and administrative details. This included meticulous maintenance checks, route planning, and any necessary paperwork or permits. We wanted to provide a worry-free experience, allowing the owners to focus solely on enjoying the tour and the camaraderie of fellow car enthusiasts who share the same automotive passion.

The Swiss Tour unfolded over four magnificent days, each filled with excitement and picturesque landscapes that fuel the automotive passion lovers have for the open road. On the first day, we set out from the Royal Savoy in Lausanne, embarking on the Lausanne-Bubendorf leg of the journey. The second day took us from Bubendorf to Rapperswil-Jona, with a delightful stop at noon by the breathtaking Rheinfall, a moment that enhanced the automotive passion enthusiasts have for the beauty of nature and engineering.

On the final day, we had an exhilarating afternoon as we made a thrilling stop at the Vuiteboeuf Karting track, adding an extra dash of adrenaline to the tour, igniting the automotive passion aficionados have for both speed and style. It was an exciting way to bring our journey to a close, leaving lasting memories for all who share the automotive passion brings.

In the evening, we culminated our fantastic journey at Le Deck, a bar-terrace located on the shores of Lake Geneva. This was where the grand prize-giving ceremony took place, and it was the perfect setting to celebrate the successful completion of the Swiss Tour and to honor the automotive passion enthusiasts have for these remarkable vehicles. The atmosphere at Le Deck was nothing short of magical, with the serene waters of Lake Geneva providing a picturesque backdrop for the evening’s festivities, further igniting the automotive passion enthusiasts have for these classic cars.

This change in the schedule added a unique and exciting twist to our final day, offering participants the chance to enjoy a thrilling karting experience before coming together to acknowledge their achievements and celebrate their shared automotive passion for classic and exotic automobiles in the automotive world, highlighting the automotive passion enthusiasts hold dear.