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Sport et Collection

We recently had the opportunity to participate in one of the world's most prestigious automotive events: Sport et Collection - 500 Ferrari contre le cancer edition 2023. As passionate vintage car enthusiasts at Drive Vintage, it was an invitation we wouldn't have missed for the world. We were honored to contribute to this noble cause while having an unforgettable automotive experience.Sport et Collection is an annual charitable event that brings together sports and vintage car enthusiasts from around the world to raise funds for cancer research. The 29th edition of this iconic event took place at the renowned Val de Vienne Circuit in France, and we had something very special prepared for this occasion: a 1974 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 TT12, a true automotive legend.

From Friday to Sunday, we had the unique opportunity to unleash the engine of our Alfa Romeo on this legendary circuit. The Val de Vienne track is known for its technical corners and thrilling straightaways, making it the perfect place to test the performance of our precious vintage car. Each lap was an adrenaline rush, and the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 TT12 lived up to its reputation, providing an unforgettable driving experience.

However, the most memorable experience of the weekend was the aerial display by the Patrouille de France above the circuit. One evening, as the sun set over the Val de Vienne, the fighter jets lit up the sky with their daring maneuvers and tricolor smoke trails. It was a breathtaking spectacle, and we seized the opportunity to capture a memorable photo shoot on the starting grid with the most fabulous cars imaginable.

The atmosphere throughout the event was electric. The sounds of roaring engines, the smell of gasoline, and the palpable passion of the participants created an unmatched ambiance. We met collectors from all over the world, sharing their stories and their love for these mechanical wonders.

The charitable aspect of the event was not to be forgotten. The funds raised were dedicated to cancer research, a cause that is particularly dear to us. We are proud to say that every lap we completed on the Val de Vienne Circuit contributed to this noble cause, making this experience even more meaningful for us.

In the end, Sport et Collection – 500 Ferrari contre le cancer edition 2023 will remain etched in our memories as an exceptional weekend. The opportunity to drive our Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 TT12 on this globally renowned circuit, to experience unique moments with fellow enthusiasts, and to support such an important cause was an unforgettable experience.

We would like to warmly thank the organizers of Sport et Collection for this opportunity, as well as everyone who contributed to making this event a success. It’s an annual rendezvous we eagerly look forward to, and we hope to continue supporting this admirable cause while sharing our passion for vintage cars.

Until the next edition of Sport et Collection, may the engines continue to roar, and may the fight against cancer progress.