Passione Engadina

Passione Engadina


Passione Engadina 2023, the renowned annual event dedicated to vintage cars held in the picturesque Engadin valley in Switzerland, provided an exceptional stage this year to pay homage to the prestigious Italian manufacturer, Lancia.As a well-established participant in the world of classic and vintage cars, Drive Vintage had the honor of taking part in this special edition dedicated to celebrating Lancia's rich heritage. Among the highlights of the event were the presentation of the Lancia Delta Integrale from Group A, the Lancia Delta S4 from Group B, and the Lancia 037 Rally from Group B.Furthermore, Drive Vintage had the privilege of showcasing the Lancia Delta Futurista "Martini 7," a creation by Automobili Amos, as well as a Kimera Evo 37, a masterpiece of thermal technology, during our participation in Passione Engadina 2023.

Lancia, founded in Italy in 1906, boasts a prestigious reputation due to its sporting heritage and major advancements in the world of motorsport. The 2023 edition of Passione Engadina provided us with an opportunity to pay homage to this legacy by showcasing some of Lancia’s most iconic rally cars.

The Lancia Delta Integrale from Group A, a true rally legend, drew all eyes with its iconic Martini Racing livery. This car embodies Lancia’s success in the World Rally Championship in the late 1980s and early 1990s, securing multiple championship titles.

The Lancia Delta S4 from Group B was another standout. Among the most powerful and extreme rally cars ever built, it symbolizes Lancia’s fearless determination to excel in motorsport. Equipped with dual forced induction (supercharger and turbocharger), the S4 left an indelible mark on rally history.

The Lancia 037 Rally from Group B completed this trio of iconic rally cars. Known for its unique rear-wheel-drive configuration and exceptional agility, the 037 is an engineering and design marvel. Its participation in the legendary Group B era contributed to Lancia’s mythical status in motorsport.

In addition to showcasing historic Lancia rally cars, the event also featured modern reinterpretations of these classics. The Lancia Delta Futurista “Martini 7,” produced by Automobili Amos, was one of the standout attractions. It is a remarkable modern restoration that expertly blends the timeless charm of the Delta with contemporary technological and performance enhancements.

This car pays homage to the Martini Racing legacy and embodies the successful fusion of classic style and cutting-edge engineering.

Another star of the event was the Kimera “Gioia,” the fifth car produced by Kimera, sporting a spectacular “Yellow Juniper” finish. This unique creation added a touch of freshness and color to the event. With its striking design and vibrant yellow hue, the Kimera “Gioia” captivated classic car enthusiasts and brought a sense of joy to the vintage car scene.

Passione Engadina 2023 provided Drive Vintage with the opportunity to celebrate Lancia’s captivating legacy in the world of motorsport. Lancia’s iconic rally cars continue to captivate enthusiasts, while modern reinterpretations and technological marvels like the Kimera Evo 37 remind us that innovation and tradition can harmoniously coexist in the automotive world.

This event reaffirmed that the passion for vintage cars remains as vibrant as ever, inspiring creativity and admiration in the automotive community.