Dubaï GP Revival

Dubaï GP Revival


Dubai Autodrome, a subsidiary of Union Properties, hosted the third edition of the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival from Friday, December 8, to Sunday, December 10.A thrilling tribute to the inaugural Dubai GP of 1981, the weekend promised a spectacle of racing with Formula 1 cars from the iconic 70s and 90s, as well as Le Mans (GT) cars spanning the 60s, 80s, and 00s.But it wasn't just about the cars; the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival was packed with excitement both on and off the track. Visitors could expect live entertainment, music concerts, incredible exhibitors, activities for the kids, delicious food, drinks, and more.Dust off your bell bottoms and feathered hair because attendees were encouraged to deck themselves out in their finest 70s attire.

Lancia, founded in Italy in 1906, boasts a prestigious reputation due to its sporting heritage and major advancements in the world of motorsport. The 2023 edition of Passione Engadina provided us with an opportunity to pay homage to this legacy by showcasing some of Lancia’s most iconic rally cars.

The Lancia Delta Integrale from Group A, a true rally legend, drew all eyes with its iconic Martini Racing livery. This car embodies Lancia’s success in the World Rally Championship in the late 1980s and early 1990s, securing multiple championship titles.

The Lancia Delta S4 from Group B was another standout. Among the most powerful and extreme rally cars ever built, it symbolizes Lancia’s fearless determination to excel in motorsport. Equipped with dual forced induction (supercharger and turbocharger), the S4 left an indelible mark on rally history.

The Lancia 037 Rally from Group B completed this trio of iconic rally cars. Known for its unique rear-wheel-drive configuration and exceptional agility, the 037 is an engineering and design marvel. Its participation in the legendary Group B era contributed to Lancia’s mythical status in motorsport.

Drive Vintage, proudly took part in this extraordinary event, presenting a true gem of racing history—the iconic Ferrari 643 F1 that Alain Prost piloted in 1991. Providing a remarkable experience, The Professor himself, Alain Prost, had the exclusive chance to reimmerse himself in his legendary car and relive the driving sensations of the past. This constituted a profoundly historical and emotional moment, resonating with motorsport enthusiasts of all kinds. Attendees were enthusiastically urged to embrace the spirit of the ’70s by dusting off their bell bottoms and sporting their finest feathered hair—a nod to an era that continues to captivate automotive enthusiasts.